After a long week working, there’s nothing better than escaping the routine and enjoying some of the many awe-inspiring sights that our country has to offer.
We took this opportunity to go to the Caribbean, a region of abundant natural beauty, incredible people and a great variety of tourist activities for visitors.
Our journey began nice and early in downtown San José, with us heading towards Route 32.  In just a few minutes, we found ourselves surrounded by virgin rainforest and amazing vistas.
Once we crossed the Zurquí tunnel and left the Braulio Carrillo National Park, we made our first stop in Rain Forest Adventures Atlántico.
The first think that we did was go on a cable car ride through the rainforest. That tour took a little more than an hour, with our gondola passing along a system of suspended cables that took us through the forest.
It is incredible to be able to admire the amazing diversity of species that live together in our forests, the peace and mystery that those magical places hold in their heights. This is definitely a tour that you have to do.

Pure adrenaline!

We prepared ourselves for the zipline tour. This location is very popular for its 700 m (0.4 mile) cable, which takes you flying over the treetops and crossing a river.
Even though we were no strangers to ziplining tours, the combination of nerves and adrenaline were never lacking. The views were spectacular and, without a doubt, this zipline tour was one of the best we’ve ever done.
Rain Forest Adventures has no shortage of tours on offer, some of which include trails that lead you to waterfalls, which you can visit by day or at night. There is also a frog pavilion, a snake pavilion, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. For those who want to experience a night in the middle of the jungle, there is also lodging available.
Once we finished our delicious lunch, we continued with our trip towards Puerto Viejo in Limón province. This is the Costa Rican Caribbean destination par excellence.
This time around, we stayed at Hotel Villas del Caribe. This hotel is located in front of Playa Punta Uva and boasts all of the comforts needed for visitors’ enjoyment, as it is situated right int front of the sea. It gave us the opportunity to enjoy the beach before heading to downtown Puerto Viejo to enjoy an exquisite rice and beans with chicken.

In just a couple of days

This was an incredible weekend where in just a few days, we were able to admire the canopies of trees, feel the wind in our faces as we crossed from platform to platform on the ziplining tour, enjoy delicious food, and find out how the indigenous Bribri people process cocoa.
Costa Rica has thousands of hidden paradises. It depends on you to discover them, so get out there!