If you’re looking for a tour that’s full of adventure while offering something different and a touch of mystery, this should definitely be on your list.

Imagine a beach where you can practically walk on water to an island offshore at low tide.

Neat, right? Cabuya is a fishing town on the Nicoya Peninsula, located between the Cabo Blanco Reserve and Montezuma, which is just 20 minutes away.

Playa Cabuya has a view of a nearby island, which is home to a cemetery – yes, you heard that right. In fact, it’s the only cemetery in the town of Cabuya and the only island in Central America used for this purpose.

The island became sacred ground when a person had a boating accident and died in the surrounding water. Since then, the island has been used in this manner, with locals conducting burials there.

When you visit, always make sure to do so with respect and do not leave any waste behind.

You’ll have water up to your knees as you walk about 400 m before reaching the sandbanks of the island. That’s at low tide, mind you – once the tide comes in, you can only reach the island by boat!

If you’re wondering about the name “Cabuya”, it comes from the plants that line the shores of the island.

In addition to visiting beaches like Playa Quesera in the Curú National Refuge, Playa Tambor, Playa Pochote or Playa Montezuma, now you have another reason to explore this fascinating corner of Costa Rica. It’s a place that’s a little desolate, but surrounded by stories. When you reach the area, don’t be surprised if some of the locals are on the island as well observing rites related to their departed loved ones – that’s part of the magic of the island.