This park is located to the east of Ciudad Quesada and is surrounded by the districts of Aguas Zarcas, Venecia, Laguna, Tapezco, Altamira, Sarchí, Toro Amarillo and Río Cuarto, among others.

It has an area of 14,453 ha and was created to protect three volcanoes: Volcán Platanar, with an altitude of 7,162 ft, El Porvenir, at 7,428 ft, and El Viejo, at 6,969. All three volcanoes are inactive. It is also important for the protection of five rivers that run through the region: Río Platanar, Río Toro, Río Aguas Zarcas, Río Tres Amigos and Río La Vieja.

The park is home to an immense variety of flora and fauna. Visitors may come across mammals like coyotes, deer, ocelots, tapirs and several species of bats. There are also birds such as the resplendent quetzal and peacock, among others.

The region has various types of ecosystems, including tropical rainforests and tropical lowland, premontane and mountain forests.

The park is endowed with hot springs that flow into the rivers thanks to the region’s geothermal activity. In addition, it is important due to the history of ancient civilizations it contains and is frequented by birdwatching enthusiasts and those wishing to explore old-growth forests.

It is important to mention that the trails in the park are not well signposted; it is recommended that you ask for assistance from local guides to avoid any confusion while hiking. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes and a rain jacket, since the weather can be unpredictable and you may need an additional change of clothes. Also, make sure to let the park know of your visit in advance in order to coordinate logistics and to be aware of any issues that may arise in the park.

Remember that you will also be near the Toro Amarillo district, which is rich in waterfalls, hiking trails, sky-blue water and the perfect accommodations to be in touch with nature. Think about staying for a weekend or planning your vacations to visit this beautiful spot.

For more information:

  • Telephone:2200 5644
  • Hours of operation:8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Rates:Residents ₡800 / Non-resident foreigners: $10

How do you get there?

From San José, take the Interamericana Norte to Naranjo, where you’ll pick up the road to Ciudad Quesada via Zarcero. The park entrance is east of Ciudad Quesada.