Maybe when you were little you longed to be able to fly, to open your arms and feel the air on your face – this could cease to be a dream and become a reality. Paragliding makes you feel like a soaring bird and it could be the next adventure you’re looking for.

Nemaclys opened their doors to us and gave us all the details you’ll need.

This lookout point and restaurant are located in Puntarenas, exactly 2.5 km northeast of Puerto Caldera, where you can find a sign with its name on it.

Benefits of paragliding

Nemaclys has been providing their paragliding experience to visiting tourists for over16 years.
The majority of visitors are Costa Rican, according to Claude, making up almost 80% of their excursions. On average they get between 10 and 20 visitors in one weekend. Although summertime is when most tourists visit, you can fly throughout the entire year as long as wind conditions allow for it.

Have you decided?

Here we’ll give you more reasons to make up your mind once and for all

  • It is an outdoor sport where you make a real connection with nature and you’ll be breathing in fresh air.
  • A balanced workout: the position you need to stay in while paragliding takes a great deal of work for your core, pelvis, and adductors, so you’ll strengthen your muscles.
  • Full adrenaline: you’ll feel it the moment you’re in the air and it’ll increase your energy.
  • Stress relief: up there, you’ll forget all your problems and worries. It’s a moment just for you, and for you to connect with nature.
  • It’ll improve your mobility and flexibility.
  • General confidence: Flying gives you a feeling of having achieved a goal and overcoming one more challenge.
  • Sensation of freedom: beyond the incredible views that you’ll be able to appreciate during your flight, you’ll feel you are truly free as you float through the air. It’ll be liberating for your mind, body and spirit.

Pilot training:

In addition to providing paragliding experiences, Nemaclys also trains pilots.
The course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part and is taught from Monday to Friday.
According to Jean, the most complicated part of the course is that pilots must learn to recognize what’s happening to the air without being able to see it.
“The guides are very qualified. We want to give our visitors the utmost safety,” said Claude.

Paragliding Tours

  • Hours: 10:30 a.m. at 4:30 p.m.
  • To make a reservation: 2634-3027 / 8819-3006
  • Payment: cash

Rates For Costa Ricans:

  • 10-minute flight: ₡ 30,000
  • 20-minute flight: ₡ 45,000
  • Flight with acrobatics: additional ₡ 8,000
  • Flight video: additional ₡ 8,000

Rates for foreigners:

  • 20-minute flight: $ 100USD

Who can paraglide?

  • Anyone 5 years old and up.

What other services do they provide?

  • Restaurant and lookout point: besides enjoying their delicious dishes, you can bask in the best sunsets from the lookout point that overlooks the Gulf of Nicoya
  • Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10:00 a.m. at 8:00 p.m.
  • The cost of admission to the site over the weekend is ₡ 500. (approx. $0.80 USD)

  • Amphitheater: It has a 400-person capacity and holds all kinds of cultural events such as theater performances, concerts, audiovisual projections, talks, conferences, etc.
  • Events and celebrations: they organize private events such as weddings, graduations, and parties, among others.