Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

If you’re looking for a destination that’s full of nature and trails and close to the beach, you can’t pass up the chance to explore Cabo Blanco. Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve is located in the north of Puntarenas province on the Nicoya Peninsula, just to the south of Montezuma. It protects 1,269 hectares of land area and 1,790 of marine territory.

An important chapter in its history came in 1963, when Olof Wessberg and Karen Morgenson had the vision of creating the country’s first project to restore deforested areas. They were called to action by the massive deforestation in the Nicoya Peninsula that occurred in the mid-20th century. The project went on to become a natural reserve. Currently, it is part of the Tempisque Conservation Area.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

Part of its commitment to conservation means limiting the number of visitors, with only 40 tourists allowed to enter per day. Reservations are required to ensure that you’ll be able to visit the refuge. Camping is also not allowed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

You’ll find that the forest has once again covered the whole area here, making it a perfect spot for hiking. It has 3 trails: a circular route that’s 2 km long, a 1 km trail specially designed for seniors and children, and a 10 km trail that goes all the way to Cabo Blanco.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

The reserve protects several delicate ecosystems, including the Pacific lowland tropical forest. Around 119 plant species are present here. This also makes it a great place to learn about different species of animals such as monkeys, agoutis, peccaries, armadillos, squirrels, sloths, deer, raccoons and more.

It’s also a well-known attraction among birdwatchers, with species such as frigatebirds, gulls and pelicans.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve

Remember that if you visit Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, you’ll also be close to several gorgeous beaches, including Montezuma, Mal País, Tambor, Carmen, Cuevas and Santa Teresa. In addition, the region offers a variety of activities such as surfing, snorkeling, golf, ziplining, horseback riding, ATV riding and more.

Contact: Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve Office: 2642-0093 / 2642-0096

Entry fees: Costa Ricans: ₡1600 – Foreigners: $12

Location: Take the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, head towards Montezuma, follow the coast until you reach Cabuya, and then follow the signs for the reserve (Sector Cabuya).

Ferry timetable: