gigante de monteverde

We went on a trip to Monteverde and found a giant with a very interesting story behind it: the country’s largest wood-and-metal sculpture.

Made with recycled material from the surrounding communities, it was named “Clovi” after the Clovis civilization, the oldest in the Americas. The strangest thing about this civilization is the legend behind it. It is said that its people traveled all over the continent, passing to the south of Monteverde. This giant represents the last man of his kind, who decided to remain in Monteverde because of how beautiful the area is. That’s why the figure represents a protector of the town.

Great story, right?

This sculpture measures 10 m long, 5 m high and 3 m wide. The original idea behind the project was the brainchild of the Argentinian woodworker and mosaic artist Rodrigo Avalle, who worked together with the Costa Rican sculptor, Gabriel Muñoz.

In addition to these artists, the collaborators included Alexis López, a Nicaraguan, and Andrés Quesada, from Costa Rica. The whole process took 3 weeks of hard work until the incredible result came to be.

The objective of this sculpture is to inspire locals and tourists alike – whether it’s taking a selfie or having a nap. You heard that right: the giant’s legs were made for people to use as a bench and rest while taking in the incredible natural surroundings.

If you haven’t seen this giant yet, we’d like you to pay a visit to Monteverde, where you can enjoy top-notch accommodations nestled in nature, along with delicious food and adventure tours including ziplining, superman, hanging bridges, rappel, Tarzan swing, buggy, hiking, etc.
In addition, you can visit waterfalls, lookouts and biological reserves.

What are you waiting for?

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