Cerro Tinajitas

We decided to explore Alajuela’s second canton, San Ramón, looking for the reason why so many people have been posting incredible photos from this part of the country.

Naturally, we suspected that it was because of the one of the region’s highest points, so we put on comfortable clothing and headed off.

If you want to visit, you just need a 4×4 vehicle, friends who are ready for an adventure and plenty of enthusiasm, since there is no admission fee. We didn’t see too many cars on the way there, so it’s best if you go with someone else or in a group.

The reason we mention the 4×4 vehicle is because the road is unpaved for the last 20 minutes before getting to the mountain, making the drive a little more difficult. It’s easy to figure out the route, just enter “Cerro Tinajitas” into Waze and it will guide you. Basically, you’ll head towards San Ramón and, once you’re there, head towards Río Jesús for 10 minutes and then take a left towards this beautiful mountain.

Once you’ve reached, note that there is no separate parking area for you to leave your vehicle, though there is space to park by the road, as the place is fairly remote and full of nature.

The hike is 400 m in length and there are some steep and narrow sections that require some care, though it’s fairly easy overall.

If you’re thinking of camping, we don’t recommend it as there are no services nearby and, as we mentioned, it’s a very remote area without many people.

By the way, you can feel free to bring your pets, and they’re sure to love being able to run around freely.

Once you’re atop the mountain, you’ll feel the mountain’s cool breeze as you’re treated to an incredible view that reaches as far as the cantons of Esparza, San Mateo and even as far as the city of Puntarenas.

Although you can visit anytime, many people like to go to catch the sunrise from the summit, sitting down and having a bite to eat as the sky is covered in color.

A real marvel!



Location: https://goo.gl/maps/S15tSZ5GRpQ2fXtH9

Admission: free.

Pets: yes.

Difficulty: easy.

Vehicle: 4×4

Distance: 400 m.

What should I bring with me? comfortable clothing, sunscreen, insect repellent, hydration and snacks.