For a lot of us, when we think about Grecia, what comes to mind are images of coffee production, sugarcane, its famous car sales and the temple of Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, which is a part of the architectural heritage of the country. But the truth is Grecia has much more to offer.

We set off towards this region in Alajuela to discover more in their neck of the woods. We made a stop at a cafe downtown to have a delicious coffee accompanied by a gallo pinto that’s worth coming back for. After refueling our bodies, we continued on our way to San Miguel Arriba de Grecia, where a farm with a true paradise within it was waiting for us.

You can camp on the farm

About 3 km east of the Catholic church, San Miguel de Grecia is the entrance to the farm. It’s 3 hectares in size, and in addition to having coffee, livestock and vegetables, it also features the wonderful Paradise Waterfall, which is fed by Vigía river

The cars can’t make it down to the waterfall, so you should leave it near the road. Once we got our packs on our backs, we went down about 300 meters to get to the picnic area and to a delightful pool with a slide. Then we took a bushy path for about 100 meters and the waterfall greeted us warmly.

The beauty of this tour is that the path is very accessible for the whole family, and they have small tables in front of the waterfall where you can have lunch on your day off or weekend. If you prefer to camp, you also have that option here, so get ready and visit soon.

This is a getaway for those who are looking for fresh air surrounded by nature, and a trip not too far from the capital.

65 invigorating meters

The falls are approximately 65 meters high and 1 meter deep. Because of its impressive height, it looks like the water disperses as it falls, forming a white curtain.