Pavones, a surfer’s paradise

This incredible beach is located in the canton of Golfito in Puntarenas, in the south of the country.

In addition to its abundant plant growth, it is known for another special reason: it is a meeting place for those who love surfing and are passionate about great waves.


At a continuous length of over 800 m, Pavones is home to the world’s second-largest wave. This is second only to those of Chicama, Peru.

This beach is known for its grey sand, heavy waves and its abundant flora. In addition to world-class waves, visitors to Pavones can also practice sport fishing – fishing tours are popular here due to the length of the beach. You can also find options for ziplining, horseback riding and hiking, not to mention surf classes, of course.


The region has plenty of places to stay, including hotels and hostels, as well as restaurants and supermarkets.

If you’re looking for even more adventure nearby, you can head to the Golfito National Wildlife Reserve, which is located less than 60 km from Pavones, and is known for the habitat it provides to birds, mammals and reptiles, as well as its abundant trees. You can find kapok trees here, which are famous for their white, fluffy seeds.

Hikers in the refuge will find challenges in its steep trails, which take up to two hours to complete.


If you’re going to be traveling in a regular automobile, you will be able to get to Playa Pavones, but you should exercise caution as the gravel road is not in the best of conditions. You also have the option of taking a domestic flight to Golfito Airport, which is about 1 hour and 35 minutes from Playa Pavones.

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