The Caribbean keeps surprising us every time we visit it, so we asked locals to help us out by recommending places that may not be particularly well-known or popular among vacationers, but which offer intriguing scenery and are worth exploring.
So, take a look at this list and check them off on your next trip to the Caribbean.

Are you game?

  1. Playa Bonita:
    Located 10 minutes outside of downtown Limón. It is known for its golden sand, strong waves and having few stones. This is a sought-after beach among surfers due to its waves, but it’s also a perfect spot for those looking to relax and work on their tan. You can find a variety of restaurants and lodgings near the beach with a view of the sea – perfect for a well-deserved holiday.
  2. Playa Piuta:
    Located less than 4 km from downtown Limón. It is a good place to go with your family, since the sea is peaceful here. Here, you can enjoy Caribbean food with a side of sea breezes.
  3. La Poza de Playa Bonita:
    Just behind Playa Bonita is an idyllic, hidden spot. The pool here is visited more by locals than by the tourists who come to the beach. You’ll reach here by heading along the coast until you reach a path that quickly becomes full of coral. We recommend that you go with someone who knows the area.
  4. Isla Quiribrí or Isla Uvita:
    popularly known as Isla Uvita, the region’s indigenous people named it Isla Quiribrí, which is now its name thanks to a decree of the Legislative Assembly. Earlier, Christopher Columbus had named it “La Huerta”. A 1985 decree designated it as a National Monument, which ranks it as Historic Architectural Heritage of Costa Rica. This island was the first part of Costa Rican territory where Christopher Columbus set foot on his fourth trip to the Americas, which is why it is of such historic interest for visitors. Go ahead and take a trip to Isla Uvita and enjoy its turquoise waters, biodiversity and natural surroundings that are typical of the Caribbean.
  5. Catarata Volio and Bribri:
    On the southern Caribbean coast are two enchanting waterfalls, perfect examples of what the region has to offer aside from the heat of its beaches. These two waterfalls are surrounded by nature and located less than 6 km from Bribri. We recommend that you use a 4×4 vehicle, since the road is unpaved and a bit rough in places. In addition, take a change of clothing and shoes, since you’ll have to pass through rivers before reaching the waterfalls.
  6. Cacao tour:
    A tour rich with nature and discoveries awaits in the Talamanca region. Catato López’s medicinal plants and chocolate tour takes place in the Watsi Reserve, 3 km from Bribri. In addition, you can visit the frog sanctuary he keeps on his farm and learn about the history of his ancestors. Try the “miracle fruit” when you take the tour – you’ll find out what we mean.

    Unique cuisine, mountains, beaches, history, unforgettable sunsets: the Caribbean awaits with its wonderful people and places. The Caribbean has plenty to offer, hurry up and find out for yourself!