Every beach in Costa Rica has its charm, but there are some that are just what we’ve been looking for.

This time, we went to the creatively named Playa Calzón de Pobre: the name of the beach is Spanish for “poor man’s undergarments”. Some say that the name comes from the shape of the beach, though locals have other stories. What is true is that it’s an enchanting spot for a getaway with family or friends that will melt the stress away.

Of its many features, one that we would highlight is its privacy. People don’t often come here, except during vacations when it does fill up with tourists a bit more. Even so, it’s a place where you’ll be able to enjoy nature in quiet surroundings.

The location is also perfect for a multi-beach trip, as it’s situated in the Guanacaste canton of Carrillo between Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa.

It’s a perfect place to go snorkeling, with calm, crystal clear waters that have a turquoise hue from shore, and few rocks.

If your aim is to take in the sun, relax with a book or enjoy a granizado (shaved ice), this is the right place. Speaking of, the granizado we had on our visit was simply divine.

Do keep in mind that there are no accommodations or restaurants near this beach, so bring your snacks or a picnic lunch with you on your visit.

Before visiting the beach, don’t forget to stop by the natural lookout of Punta Cacique, which you’ll pass by before getting to the beach. The views of Playa Hermosa and the Gulf of Papagayo are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Getting to Calzón de Pobre requires a bit of an adventurous spirit, since after a left turn off the main highway, you’ll spend a few minutes on a rocky unpaved road. While we recommend a 4×4, it’s totally possible to reach the beach in a regular car, though you should park in a lot before getting to the beach so that it isn’t too hard to leave. That said, we found a few older cars parked next to our 4×4 at the beach, though we’re not sure how they got out!

Read on for some important information, since we’re sure you’re already planning your trip!

Directions: You can view the route here: https://goo.gl/maps/m41JibsFSZuHVM8T8

Waves: calm, ideal for families with small children (always take precautions).

Vehicle: Ideally 4×4, though 4×2 should be fine as long as you park it in a lot by the beach.

Difficulty: intermediate (only because of the path to the beach, which is rather steep).

Activities and services: ideal for snorkeling or family activities. The natural lookout at Punta Cacique is a good spot for photos. The beach has no cabins, hotels or restaurants nearby, but Playa del Coco and Playa Hermosa are nearby and offer plenty of options.