Visit Prusia’s magical forest

Everything you need to know:

  • Hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Last entrance to the forest: 3:00 p.m.
  • Price for citizens: ₡1,000.
  • Price for children: ₡500.
  • Price for foreign nationals: $5.
  • Seniors enter free of charge.
  • Payment can be made with card or cash.
  • Parking free on weekdays.
  • ₡1,000 (cash) donation to the Red Cross on weekends.
  • A meeting room and auditorium are available.
  • The location includes drinking water, restrooms and a picnic area.
  • School groups can enter free of charge by prior arrangement; please call.
  • Nearby areas you can visit: Durán Sanatorium, Irazú Volcano, Mirador de Ujarrás, Mirador de Orosi, Ruins of Ujarrás.

Enjoy 16 km of trails

Cartago is a province with plenty to offer tourists: visits to volcanoes, taking in its lookouts and seeing the spots where important historical events took place. The Prusia Forest is the perfect weekend escape for families, couples or friends. So lace up your sneakers, put on comfortable clothing and come experience the nature that surrounds us.

The tour is self-guided, offering the opportunity to take your time and enjoy the experience at your own pace. The path going around the forest is about 16 km in length, the most trails of any park in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM).

Please note that you will need to keep an eye out for arrows and the color signs that indicate the trails on which you will need to travel.

Visit the bewitched tree

One of the forest’s attractions is the famous “bewitched tree”. The forest rangers tell us that the name is due to a visitor who hung the figure of a witch from the tree, a custom that was followed by others, who placed other objects on the tree. The custom is no longer practiced, however, and the tree is now totally unadorned. However, the tree’s shape gives it a mystical appearance.

You can see the tree for yourself by taking the El Roble trail, continuing along the El Puma trail and then the Los Abuelos trail. Be sure to take a picture of the trail map at the park entrance, which will allow you to follow along during your hike.

The forest is also home to other attractions, including Cerro Retes, one of the highest points in the area, where you can observe the slopes of the Irazú Volcano. Cerro Cabeza de Vaca is another local peak, with views of the Barva Volcano. The Laguna del Reventado is another local attraction.

Keep your eyes and ears open on your hike and you just might come across local fauna, including birds, gray foxes, coatis, tayras, porcupines, and more. You’ll also become ensconced in the vegetation of dense stands of eucalyptus, pines and other tree species.

Note, however, that the popular mountain of yellow flowers you may have seen in photos is actually not in the forest. If you want to visit that mountain, you’ll need to take the road towards the Irazú Volcano, about 1 km beyond the entrance to the Durán Sanatorium. Remember that the area is private property, so you must ask permission before entering.

Ready for adventure?