Nacascolo and Playa Huevos

There’s no doubt that Guanacaste is full of treasures, from its warm inhabitants to its delicious gastronomy, but its beaches are something else.

This time, we have two spots to recommend to you. If you’re looking for a new destination where you can take advantage of your vacation and visit unspoiled beaches off the beaten path, just head to the Gulf of Papagayo and enjoy Playa Nacascolo and Playa Huevos.

They’re definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been yet – hopefully our descriptions convince you. Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, camera and get pumped because you’re sure to fall in love with this part of the country.


Playa Nacascolo:



You can enter this beach from Hotel Planet Hollywood or by taking a boat tour from Playas del Coco. From the hotel, you’ll take a transport that will take you to the beach and then walk about 100 m before you’ll reach this wonder of nature. Nacascolo is a white sand beach without many stones with a calm, crystalline and turquoise sea. It’s the perfect backdrop for you to relax, sunbathe, spend time with your family, read a good book or go snorkeling.

Nacascolo is remarkable due to its biodiversity: you might spot animals like monkeys, raccoons and coatis on your way to the beach. It has basic services including bathrooms, showers and a picnic area. Although the beach is quite isolated, there are plenty of services a few kilometers away, including restaurants and cabins.

The region is home to coral communities, rocky reefs, and mangroves that provide a habitat for its rich sea life, making it a perfect destination for snorkeling. There’s another nearby beach called Monte del Barco, which also lends itself to this marine pastime.



Playa Huevos:


playa huevos

If you visit the Gulf of Papagayo, you can’t leave without seeing Playa Huevos, another spot that will make your jaw drop. Its name, meaning “Egg Beach,” is a little peculiar – some locals saw that it’s because the beach is shaped like a pair of eggs. Another theory is that sea turtles used to nest there, leaving many eggs underneath the white sand. What is definitely true is that this wonderful destination, in addition to its clear, aquamarine water, gentle surf and abundant vegetation, has two caverns where you can enter at low tide. It’s important to be very careful when exploring them. The caverns are formed by old stones that create natural tunnels between them. It’s definitely a unique spot for incredible photos.

Playa Huevos is shaped like a half-moon, with plenty of space for a nice walk along the beach – especially compared to the smaller Nacascolo. Boats leave for this beach from Playas del Coco and Playa Panamá. The tours tend to start at 7:00 a.m. and return by noon, though this depends on the operator you go with.

Ready to go explore these destinations?  Now you have the perfect excuse to head out to Guanacaste and enjoy everything the Gulf of Papagayo has to offer.


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